Pilottraining PPL

Pilottraining LAPL, PPL Private Pilot as well as Classratings TMG, SEP  Refreshers and Charter 
more details via email flugschule@dfc-club.at or Telfon +43 664 20 535 90

  • PPL Course LOAN
    monthly start possible
  • Contact: flugschule@dfc-club.at
  • Individual course
    monthly start possible
  • IFR Theory-Course
    monthly start possible
  • ATPL Theory
    monthly start possible
    monthly start possible - Theory units together with eAcademy flexibel from home, moderne Jeppesen - Exam ATPL Literature based on EASA Rules; 
    Details: flugschule@dfc-club.at
  • Jeppesen - Exam PPL (A) based on EU-FCL
    14 books ATPL ( A)    flugschule@dfc-club.at
  • DA42NG, MEP und G1000 Theory training  
    monthly start possible (DA42 Systems, MEP Grundlagen, G1000 ; more Info  flugschule@dfc-club.at 
  • DA40 NG, DA42 NG Upgrades, MEP and HPA Course induvidually
  • Flightinstructor Refreshercourse CRI /FI Dexe AT.ATO.116
  • Refresher Training, Lizencerenovations induvidually 
  • DEXE AT.ATO.116 - since 15 Years in Pilottraining LOAN

Weitere Infos und Kursbuchung unter flugschule@dfc-club.at